I survived the first 21 years of my life on processed foods, no exercise and a lot of stress!  I didn't know a lot about stress, I actually just thought of it as life!   At about the age of 21, I started running to get in shape.  Though in my teenaged years, I hated running and sweating! In my twenties, something changed.  I wanted to run and I wanted to exercise.  I started getting up at 5 a.m. to exercise.  My philosophy was to exercise so that I could eat whatever I wanted.  During my twenties, I also started to get serious about my relationship with God, therefore honing my spiritual practice.  My 5 a.m. exercise started with reading scripture, meditating and praying, then exercise.
I started my professional career in my twenties as well.  I attended college and worked full time in the transportation industry, where I worked until my mid thirties.  My 5 a.m. routine followed me throughout my career until the company I worked for merged with another company and my position was moved to another city and state.  Being married and my husband the primary provider of our home, I decided to find a new career.  I spent the next few years in the mortgage industry.  It was  lot of fun, but it wasn't what I really wanted to do with my life. The hours were long, the phone never stopped ringing and my personal time seemed limited.  My passion for exercise grew and evolved to include yoga.  My spiritual practice became more intense as I matured and realized just how big my God and his love me is!  My eating habits began to change as I started to think of food as a source for life and not satisfaction.  As you begin your journey of transforming wellness, you will understand that last statement.  Fulfillment comes from within and not out. Everything we need to enjoy life is already in our possession, given to us the moment we were created.  
I look forward to sharing this journey with you and helping your begin your path of self discovery and wellness transformation!