The Road Less Traveled

This picture triggered a wealth of thoughts and metaphors of life. It caused me to take pause and reflect on my life journey. I could have titled this "a picture is worth a thousand words." I often find myself taking the road less traveled and as I look back on my life, I realize I always have. Win or lose, fail or succeed, I have to do things in my way and on my time. I have to chart the course and process things in a way that work for me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I truly believe the way to transform any area of life, is through honoring your bio-individuality. Though I may be scared to death, if I feel something is the right thing to do, I will go for it, take the initiative and move toward the goal. My life story is filled with moments of me, taking initiative to travel a course that may seem impossible, challenging, difficult, and different.

My husband took the photo above as I began to walk across the emerging land bridge from the main land in Bar Harbor to Bar Island across the ocean. I was so excited to cross the land bridge, search for sea glass along the way and hike the trail on the island. When we arrived to cross the land bridge, there were about 50 people hanging around waiting for the complete emergence of the land, which occurs at low tide, you can see a good portion of the land ahead of me. As I stood at the water’s edge, I could see that most of the land bridge was visible and it appeared to me, the parts still under water were shallow. I took my shoes off and began to walk. Enjoying the moment, looking for sea glass, and stopping along the way to stare out into the ocean where a sea gull perched upon a rock and sailboats were starting off for afternoon sails.  About half way across, others started to follow and eagerly pass me to reach the destination. What a metaphor for life! First, we are afraid to take chances, we need assurances and safety, when we see how easy the road ahead is to travel, we rush along to get to the destination without taking in the beauty of the journey along the way. I see this a lot in yoga students, a course I too have often been guilty of taking. We get in such a hurry to move ahead into a pose that we miss the small details along the way, never fully experiencing the pose and caught in a continual battle of frustration and stagnation. Life and yoga have a lot in common. First, we have to be willing to put ourselves “out there”, take chances, and “test the waters.” Second, we need to pace ourselves, take in the moments along the way. The journey is filled with small things that can make huge differences. Being mindful along the way doesn’t mean you take your eye off the prize or lose focus. How often I have been focused on the destination and missed opportunities along the way! How often I have experienced a setback because I rushed into to something that didn’t really fit or make sense because I wasn’t willing to make the sacrifice of time. As I move forward in life, I pray every day, to be brave enough to face the goliaths that come my way, be willing to step up, staying true to myself and keeping my eye on the goal, but taking in the moments along the way.

The Road Less Traveled, a poem I was required to read and memorize in eighth grade, seems to have been a fitting motto for my life. I look forward to sharing more with you and inspiring you in your journey of transformation-mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

A few things I contribute to my ability to faithfully move forward and face my fears:

1)  GOD - I have always had a strong relationship with God.   I can remember contemplating life matters with God as early as the age of six.  

2)  I trust myself with my life and the life of those I love more than I trust anyone else.  

3)  I have learned to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit that dwells within.

4)  I walk my talk.  Even when others aren’t looking, because ultimately there is never a time when we are truly alone.  God is always with us and my relationship with Him means living for Him privately as much as publicly.

5)  I am fair.  I don't ask others to do anything I wouldn't do myself.  

6)  Self Evaluation, reflection and contemplation – everyday, I meditate.  I consider the experiences of the day and look for the ways I may be a better version of myself moving forward. I don’t beat myself up, I forgive my shortcomings, I acknowledge my successes.

7) Living without expectation. 

8)  I am true to myself regardless of what others think. "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."  This is tied to living without expectation.

9)  I acknowledge my flaws and embrace my gifts.  

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