Workshops & Community Classes

Our workshops and community classes dive into the health topics you care about most. Whether the topic is yoga or smart eating for the whole family, you'll learn how to lead a healthier life. 

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Yoga Classes

Michelle Johns teaches yoga classes at Sumits Yoga Memphis, Millstone Market and Hot Yoga Plus.  Whether you're experienced or not, each of Michelle's sessions will strengthen your core, increase your flexibility and restore balanc. 

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. At first, many people practice yoga asanas (poses) for the physical benefits of building muscle and stretching, but asanas benefit the whole body.

As a person continues to practice asanas, they begin to realize the mental capacity required to hold, flow with the breath, and advance in asanas. The mental focus on the breath and the asana naturally lead to meditation making the world off the mat disappear.


Rated 5 Stars On Yogatrail


Highly recommended! Michelle is a wonderful yoga instructor! I’ve been her student from one studio to another because I value her warm and supportive manner. She nicely balances demonstrations with explanations.
— Susan Rossen