At various times workshops are offered to take an in-depth look at specific topics related to health and well being. Check back here for workshops, past topics have included yoga and smart eating for the whole family.


Community classes are a great way to educate your group about various topics related to leading a healthy lifestyle. Get in touch today to discuss a class for your community!

Upcoming classes

Yoga Classes

Michelle regularly teach classes at Sumits Yoga Memphis in Germantown. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Initially, many people practice yoga asanas (postures) for the physical benefits of building muscle and stretching, however, yoga asanas benefit the whole body. As the person continues to practice yoga asanas, they begin to realize the mental capacity required to hold, flow with the breath, and to advance in asanas (postures). The mental focus of the breath and the asana (posture) naturally leads to meditation in asanas (postures). These combine to make the world off the mat disappear.