Eat Well, Move Well & Be Well

Your team's wellness is important to you, but many small-to-medium sized businesses can't get corporate wellness services through their benefits network. We can supplement your employee benefits package with an on-site wellness program to empower  and motivate your employees to take ownership of their health through exercise, nutrition and mindfulness.

By learning and practicing mindful eating, yoga and meditation, your team members can release stress, take fewer sick days, and stay focused longer.


Mindful Eating

Eating well is unique for everybody. We teach mindful eating habits for healthy lifestyles. By encouraging healthier habits, employees can lower their health risks and have the energy they need to work well and live well.


Whether your employees are new to yoga  or veterans, our yoga classes will help them strengthen their bodies and minds by encouraging thoughtful movement, relaxation, self acceptance and awareness. Engaging the mind while practicing yoga should extend to everyday movements while working, playing, and socializing.


By teaching mindfulness meditation techniques, we help your employees stay present and focused at work, helping them prevent injury and boosting productivity. 


Wellness Programs

We’ll design and deliver an on-site wellness package that meets your budget and your employee health goals.

We make sure your program is successful by using proven wellness and prevention strategies that promote healthy lifestyle behaviors in your team.

Packages can include:


A Day of Mindfulness
Improve focus and awareness with a day of mindfulness. Our five-point program is designed to take you and your team through a series of experiences in quiet and active mindfulness.

Quarterly Workshops
Learn more about common wellness topics during four one-hour sessions per year. 

Health Classes & Challenges
Get everyone excited about wellness while we lead your corporate health challenges.

Individual Consulting & Coaching
Put our 20 years of corporate experience to work with one-on-one wellness consultations and coaching.


Happier, Healthier & Focused People


Commit to your employees' health and you'll get results. 

When your people are healthy, you’ll see: 

  • Lower turnover
  • Significant increase in motivation and positive attitudes
  • More energy
  • More focus
  • Fewer sick days from illnesses
  • Fewer injuries 
  • Your top employees stay with you longer