Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Initially, many people practice yoga asanas (postures) for the physical benefits of stretching, however, yoga asanas benefit the whole body. As the person continues to practice yoga asanas, they begin to realize the mental capacity required to hold, flow with the breath, and to advance in asanas. The mental capacity leads to meditation while in asanas as the person’s focus on the breath and the asanas deepens. These combine to make the world off the mat disappear.


Power Flow/Vinyasa

Power Flow/Vinyasa is taught with movement through asanas flowing with the breath. Typically, students will notice a heart rate increase as the flow with the breath increases. The increase in heart rate is like any other cardio workout and provides many physical benefits throughout the body.

Yoga 26

Yoga 26 is a yoga flow designed around the Hatha Yoga 26 postures. The 26 static postures systematically work every part of the body. This class is an excellent foundation to learn proper alignment, develop strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration.



Yin yoga is a gentle stress of the ligaments, tendons, and fascial tissue. Poses are held at an appropriate depth for a longer length of time. The body is relaxed, however, this is not restorative yoga, yin is yoga for the joints and can be somewhat challenging. Yin is a complement to the yang style of yoga (yang styles target the muscles). When we do not stress the body muscles and tissues, atrophy occurs. We often focus most of our efforts on building muscle and as we age many people experience great joint pain and issues. Yin yoga targets the joint tissues often ignored. The benefits of this yoga include opening meridians of energy in the subtle body.

Certified by Bernie Clark and Diana Batts


Restorative yoga is a gentle, slow paced, deep stretch style of yoga. Asanas are typically held five or more minutes.   Students find themselves relaxing in a deep stretch. Sometimes straps, blocks, blankets, and bolsters are used to help the student relax and allow the body to experience the massaging effect of the deep stretch.