Healthy People Create Healthy Companies

Transforming Wellness builds corporate wellness programs for small and medium-sized businesses. We offer on-site health promotion programs to engage and motivate your team to be mindful in the way they eat, move, and interact at work and home.

Engaging your people while they're at work empowers them to lead healthy lives on and off the clock.



About Transforming Wellness

We founded Transforming Wellness because businesses of all sizes should have access to employee wellness programs. With more than 20 years in the industry, we'll help lower your costs and your employee's health risks by focusing on eating well, moving more and being mindful.



Memphis Businesses Trust Transforming Wellness

I’ve gained wonderful insight into the importance of finding balance as it relates to exercise, diet and establishing personal health goals.
— Laurie Whitney
Inspiring! Michelle has a magic about her teaching that motivates me. She makes you feel comfortable, safe and calm.
— Alysia Lewis
Her knowledge and expertise in the areas of personal health, nutrition and exercise are impressive.
— Natalie Williams



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